Čilipi folklore tour

Čilipi, this small picturesque place on the far southeast of Croatia, only 20 kilometres from Dubrovnik, is a true treasure of traditional beauties.
Scattered on the hills, surrounded by the dense cypresses and pine trees, this is the place that is a must-see for any tourist visiting the south od Croatia. This small place is among the very rare places in Croatia still preserving the traditional values of the area, reflected in the local cultural heritage, elegant national costumes and silk embroideries. Its traditions and customs are passed down through generations. Sunday Fair in Čilipi will give you the opportunity to buy hand made souvenirs and embroideries, attend the Holy Mass at St. Nicholas’ church, visit the Konavle Ethnographic museum and enjoy the folklore performance.

For decades, from May to October the folklore dances have been held in Čilipi to entertain the tourists from all over the world and the locals, too. Through songs and dances given by the local folklore group, one gets to know a piece of the tradition of this area. Enjoy some of the most popular dances of this region - the oldest one, POTKOLO, or ČIČAK in which the female dancers are "stolen" from their dance partners by the male dancers.
The show will also present a piece of the traditional wedding as it was held in every family in Konavle over 50 years ago, where bride and groom celebrate their "I do" for the wholy matrimony, and the host, dressed in the national folklore costume, will drink to their health and propose a toast, by reciting a part of it. The toast expresses the faith in Our Father and a hope that this new married couple will be blessed in happiness and peace.

Be sure to make it through the end, as at the end of this 45 minute show, there will be a special dance held - LINĐO, interesting for the use of the musical instrument lijerica, that is very different from other instruments of the area, by its look and sound.

The local vocal group will introduce you to the customs of this area.

We are sure you will fall in love with this small place and all it has to offer. Do not miss to visit the Konavle Ethnographic museum founded in 1974, now arranged like a typical Konavle house, rich in exhibits of the Konavle folklore costumes and famous silk embroidery.
To offer you additional values, enjoy the visit of the local cellars and taste TRAVARICA (strong herbs brandy) and PROŠEK (mild sweet brandy).

Amazing opportunity to learn about the local customs through songs and dances, enjoy the local authentic souvenirs and learn all about the tradition and folklore!