Dubrovnik airport welcomes the return of tourists in Summer 2021

You will agree the year 2020 was one of the toughest ever, with Corona outbreak in all the countries of the world. Although it sometimes seems it is never going to end and we are not likely to go back to normal ever again, still, the 2021 Summer is a much better tourist season than the 2020 one, in many aspects.
Since March 2020, The Coronavirus pandemic has frozen all travel, affecting tourism industry so much more than any other industry.
The Coronavirus outbreak has caused a devastating situation to the air traffic, especially to Dubrovnik airport which has been attracting a large number of tourists every year. Dubrovnik is a fantastic place to visit,and a must-see for a true traveller, yet, so far away from major tourist destinations, as it is best reachable by air travel. Its position on the far South East of Croatia makes it a distant destination for car travellers. Whilst Istria and continental Croatia show increase in figures, Dubrovnik has suffered heavily, especially for the fact that travellers by car find Dubrovnik very far, and rather choose going to the northern parts of Croatia which can be easily reached by car.
With more and more tourists being vaccinated, we now face the increase in figures - as per the latest data from the e-visitor there are currently 1 250 000 tourists in Croatia, which still is less than we had 2019 on the record day, but is siginificantly more than 2020.
Dubrovnik airport records much more arrivals in August than in the same period last year. The sky above Dubrovnik is again busy and it is very uplifting to see so many tourists coming back to Dubrovnik. Although most tourists go to Istria, Kvarner and Split County, Dubrovnik county got very busy in the last 15-20 days and you can feel the spirit of the old touristic times again.
Keep up Dubrovnik!