Dubrovnik open air cinemas

Scene that is still to be uncovered by outsiders has huge print of local tradition and authenticity of Dubrovnik life during the second part of the 20th century. The key stones of that scene are Jadran and Slavica cinema. These two original and unique places are live only during summer.
The movie program is not the reason of their attraction, it is their location.
Jadran is located within Dubrovnik city walls in medieval surroundings of city`s houses, where during a movie, it is not strange to hear someone flushing the toilet, because people who live around cinema can watch a movie from their living rooms.
Slavica is located close to the sea, its south entrance is a 5 minute walk from Dubrovnik Old Town, the audience area is surrounded by pine trees and there are always some extra personnel watching you from beyond. Sometimes squirrels add their contribution to the movie with a sound of a falling pinecone as extra surround effect.
Slow down, schedule at least one part of your stay, experience different pace and turn back to local time.
All movies are shown in their original language with Croatian subtitles.