Žarkovica animal shelter

Dubrovnik and it's historical sights will impres you but if you are animal lovers, there is a one special place, and on TripAdvisor #4 on the list what to do in Dubrovnik - Žarkovica animal shelter.
Located on the hill above Dubrovnik with perfect panoramic view of the Old Town this open air dog shelter gathers animal lovers from all over the world. This place without electricity or running water is a home for around 300 dogs. Shelter was built by volunteers dedicated in their mission to save the dogs and give them a second chance for better life. Over the years many dogs left the shelter with their new families and found homes not only in Croatia but all over the world.
If you are animal lover you will fall in love with this place on, someone of the furry crowd will take your hart and you will plan your way back. Many visitors became adopters and volunteers, became part of Žarkovica Family and they are coming back every year to give their time and love and take home small piece of that unbreakable Žarkovica spirit.