Rijeka 2020 - European Capital of Culture

In February, Rijeka proudly took the title of European Capital of Culture, and only a month and a half after the opening of the ECOC, it faced the so-called "New normal" - the global pandemic of the COVID 19 virus.
In the changed circumstances of the organization and in compliance with all special measures for protection against coronavirus, Rijeka recorded rich cultural summer with 390 cultural and artistic programs with over 53,000 visitors, and by the end of this year Rijeka still offers various cultural programs. A large number of activities take place in front of and inside the Export building, a newly renovated area of 5,400.00 m2, which makes Export a new highlight of Rijeka culture. At Export, you can currently visit one of the most important exhibitions of the ECOC project, a world-class exhibition: Fiume Fantastic: Phenomena of the City.
Autumn also brings new events, of course in compliance with all future measures of the National Civil Protection, including the upcoming exhibition 51,000 Balthazargrad produced by Rijeka 2020 and MMSU, which is set in the Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art and it opens to the public on October 24th.
Also, intensive work is underway to complete the infrastructure of cultural buildings in Benčić - Sugar Palace and Children's Home - first openings of these facilities are expected in November, events are announced to be held almost daily throughout the city – on squares, in museums, in Croatian National Theatre of Ivan pl. Zajc, but also in Rijeka surroundings.
Rijeka therefore seems to be an ideal destination for all culture lovers.