The Unbearable weight of Massive talent

The Unbearable weight of Massive talent Zvonimir Pandža, DuList

You must have heard of the great American actor Nicolas Cage, one of the best actors of all times, best known for his performances in action movies. Regardless of being a fan or not, his talent is indisputable, that's for sure.

But, what is there to liaise Nicolas Cage with Dubrovnik?

If you are a real fan of his movies, we invite you to visit the magnificent town of Dubrovnik and its pictoresque outskirts, and don't miss your chance of a lifetime to see the locations where his latest movie was filmed. Get to see where Cage and Pedro Pascal acted: Dubrovnik airport, stunning Old Walled City, and the village of Trsteno, much known for its botanical garden.
We also invite you to visit Cavtat, a charming little town on the outskirts of Konavle region, and walk the main promenade there, the street where Cage jumped into the silver Porsche. Treat yourself with coffee in one of the Cavtat caffe bars where Cage and Pascal were having their break during filming.

Most certainly this 2020 season has not been the best one ever, but filming in Dubrovnik has definitely made the best of it, not just for the residents, but for all of you who can't wait to come and find out what makes Dubrovnik "the pearl of the Adriatic", and why it is one of the most beautiful places in the world.