Was king Arthur buried in Croatia?

Numerous tourists during summer visit Croatia, many of them will be driving down Adriatic coastal road to reach their destination or to enjoy numerous beaches along the way. This road offers an attractive view on the coast but also hides many secrets from an interesting history of Croatia. On the side of this road between Split and Omiš lies a stone with a curious inscription. This stone is a remnant of an old sarcophagus that belonged to a roman officer, the inscription briefly describes his career and his name is Lucius Artorius Castus. For centuries stone served as a building block of a wall that separated churchyard from the road but recent research about the origin of the legend of King Arthur brought the interest of scientists here as well. Origin of the legend about this mythical king was discussed for centuries, but in recent years more people started to believe that legend was based on the life of this roman officer from the late period of the Roman Empire. His name Artorius has similarities with name of the legendary king. According to research he served in Britain during the II century where he was appointed as Legion perfect, while he finished his military career on the position of Dux legio. After retirement from the army, Lucius Artorius Castus served as procurator in Liburnia part of Roman Dalmatia. Here he died and his sarcophagus is still puzzling scientist and sparking the imagination of Tourists driving by.