History of Dubrovnik vs Fantasy of Game of Thrones

King or Rector. Sword or diplomacy. Dubrovnik or Kings Landing. Which parts of Dubrovnik history can be compared to „Song of Ice and Fire“? During this orientational tour you will see the most significant sites within Dubrovnik Old Town that were used as the filming location of the „Game of Thrones“ TV series. Our guide will share insight stories that took place during the filming and show you the real place that were stand in for Kings Landing., Blackwater Bay, Red Keep, Quarth. You will hear about famous Dubrovnik Republic and see the most important historical sights, all combined with the fantasy world of the most popular HBO show ever. Meeting point on Pile square at 1700 1700 Walking tour of the Old Town (visits to museums not included) INCLUDED: expert guide INFO: guests should bring comfortable shoes, light clothing.

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