Why visit Zagreb, capital of Croatia?

You have probably heard or read that Croatia is a land of "thousands of islands. And that is true and one of many reasons why everybody heads to the Croatian coast.
This is the reason why in the past, Zagreb, the capital of Croatia, has been quite overlooked, but it is quickly becoming new European buzz destination while more and more travelers fall in love with it’s charmes.
Zagreb lures you quickly into it’s unique atmosphere where old cobbalt streets and fascinating neo-baroque, art deco architecture mix with rich cultural life, street art, quircky museums, contemporary dining and lush green outdoor spaces where you can mingle with the locals.
Lets discover why you should not just visit Zagreb, but why you should stay here longer!

Zagreb is a city of a perfect size for discovering the hidden gems by foot. Unlike big euro-pean cities like Paris, Barcelona,… Zagreb is a city with almost one million inhabitants and you cannot get lost in Zagreb. You have street signs in english on every corner and bunch of smily and friendly locals that will happily direct you if you cannot find your way after a few excellent local beers :-) In terms of safety, you have no worries. The city is divided into three parts:
- Upper city (Gornji grad): the oldest part of the city where you will discover fascinating history while strolling the medieval streets that are filled with picturesque old houses, and best known city attractions like Zagreb Cathedral, Tower Lotršćak, Stone gates, the excuisite colorful tile roof of St. Mark’s Church (just to name a few…). Upper city is a beautiful, medieval neighborhood buzzing with life throughout the day and night. The very heart of the city of Zagreb.

- Lower city (Donji grad): is a walking distance escape to stunning romantic city parks crowned by gorgeous austro-hungarian architecture like National Theatre, Museum of Arts and Crafts, Palace of Art Pavillion and so many more palaces that are forming something that is called a "Green horseshoe". (Something that you will learn more about in some of the walking tours we offer).

Upper and Lower parts of the city are hidding the largest number of city’s attractions and is filled with great bars, pubs and restaurants. It is a fascinating stage of many very well known international and national cultural festivals organised in open spaces throughout the year. The best thing is - the heart of Zagreb is really perfect for exploring by foot!

- New Zagreb: This is the 20th century Zagreb where you will be reminded of not so an-cient past of Croatia by looking at some typical architecture and concrete structures built under the Yugoslavian era. Here you fill find Museum of Contemporary art and modern galleries. But if you just want to chill and swim during hot summer days you can visit the lake Jarun, Zagreb Sea as the locals call it. Every year Jarun hosts one of the best music festivals in Europe - the In music festival. You can check out Zagreb ZOO at Maksimir Park, and the list goes on. To visit New Zagreb you can catch a tram, bus, or affordable taxies. It’s very easy to get from one place to another.
Zagreb offers something for everyone. :-))