Island of Korčula

While approaching to the beautiful island and town of Korčula you will feel and see the beauty of it immediately. As you dock you are already in the center of the town.
Entering the old town through one of the gates you will be embraced by beautiful stone buildings dating from medieval times, towers and city walls. The layout of the town is unique, it has the shape of a fishbone so it's really impossible to get lost as you always reach the sea somehow. The town can be toured in half a day or less by foot. You’ll find all the restaurants, shopping lanes, and top island attractions quite easily. Before arriving look at the calendar and it might be your lucky day as on Mondays and Thursdays, during touristic season, one of the oldest tradition in town is performed: the sword dancing Moreška.
Korčula is the only town in the world celebrating half of the year, why just have one evening of fireworks if you can have it twice in a year? So on the 30th of June a Carnival takes place from the afternoon till morning hours.
Religion is very present in Korčula's tradition and way of living, three brotherhoods participate in religious processions through the year and the biggest ones are held for Good Friday and Saint Theodore's day on the 29th of July.
Good vibes will introduce you to the charm of the island and it's certainly a place to put on your travel list.