Football madness in Croatia

Just to let you know, you are not only visiting the country of a thousand islands, but a completly crazy football nation as well. „Positivly“ crazy of course. And now that we are in quaterfinals, the madness is even greater.

So, as much as we want to wright about someting else like summer time, leisure and holidays, or give you some tips about what to do or not, we can't escape the global euphoria that is in Croatia. And not only in Croatia, we belive.

If you are in Croatia during te World Cup 2018, prepare yourself for streets full of red and white squares. Peopole are dressed in squres, squares are on the cars, buildings, squeres in the shops, squares apsolutly everywhere.

It is common in Croatia to watch football matches on the big screens at the open. Feel free to join one of this events, you won't regreat. It is relly a special expirience, choose a beer that you like the best, put a scarf on and enjoy.

Support our team and help as win this time.

Next match on Saturday, July the 7th, at 08:00 PM.