Elite Travel adopts plastic-free policy

Elite Travel adopts plastic-free policy Elite Travel adopts plastic-free policy

Dubrovnik’s Elite Travel eliminates single-use plastics from its fleet.
As a Travelife Certified company, Elite Travel is committed to continuous raising of environmental and sustainability standards. We are proud to announce that this year we are starting to implement
plastic-free policy on board our cruise ships. Since single-use plastic is by far the largest marine pollutant, we are replacing our service of 0.5 l bottle of water per meal with water fountains. They
will be installed on all our vessels.
This is the first step in our efforts to contribute to the global reduction of plastic waste. This is crucial because, as we all know, our seas and oceans face growing challenges from pollution. Since tourism
is one of the world’s fastest-growing industries, sustainability must be the priority of everyone involved. Only by combined effort can we help the environment heal.
We believe that every contribution to environmental protection can achieve a significant effect. No matter how small. So we invite you to get involved and suggest any actions that can make a positive
difference. Help us preserve our beautiful planet for future generations to discover and enjoy.