Top Destinations: Trogir

Trogir is a charming little town situated 17 miles west of the city of Split. Its Old Town lies on a tiny island bridged both to the mainland and the nearby island of Čiovo. The entire historic part of Trogir is inscribed in the UNESCO World Heritage List as ‘a remarkable example of urban continuity’. In other words, Trogir is not only beautiful, but also exceptionally well preserved.
Although it was founded over 2300 years ago, Trogir is best known for its Venetian-style palaces, churches and towers from the Medieval, Renaissance and Baroque period. As you explore its narrow streets, you will feel like you are in a labyrinth of stone in which every street offers something new to discover. As you explore them, don’t forget to look up and fully enjoy the beauty of the town’s lavish architecture. Trogir’s most significant historic monument is the Cathedral of St. Lawrence with its magnificent portal dating back to the 13th century. Named after its author, Master Radovan, it is one of the greatest masterpieces of Romanesque art in Dalmatia. As you find your way to the waterfront promenade, you can relax in one of the bars or climb the impressive Kamerlengo Fortress and enjoy the view.
Another famous symbol of Trogir is the relief representing Greek deity Kairos, dating from the 3rd century BC. Kairos was the young and beautiful god of opportunity and favorable moments. He was fast, elusive and always on the move. According to the myth, if you want to catch your happy moment, you must grab Kairos by the tuft of hair on his forehead. This lovely story, often told by the locals, reminds us to seize the moment whenever we can. If you want to see Kairos and other works of art from different periods, visit the art collection of the Benedictine convent of St Nicholas. To discover Trogir, check out our Wonders of Croatia Cruise or Unforgettable Dalmatia Cruise.