Cruise Croatia with us and the Adriatic Princess

Finding the perfect way to visit a country can be a bit tricky: what’s the best time to visit, how to avoid extreme weather like the exhausting heat, how to avoid the crowds and the traffic jams, how to find the best local spots… All of this can be avoided in Croatia by simply doing your tour of the coast with a boat! One thing you could do is join us on the Adriatic Princess cruise. So we usually start either in Dubrovnik, Split or Trogir, depending on the week. To show you the program, let’s say this time we’re starting from the beautiful city of Dubrovnik. The first day is quite chill, of course you’ve only just arrived, so we don’t go too crazy and we don’t really do much other than a welcome drink, a quick briefing and a nice dinner so that everyone can meet each other.
The next morning starts off with a walking tour of Dubrovnik – join a local tour guide and stroll through the gorgeous little alleys, with some free time later to explore and wander around on your own. Admire the city walls from the ground, before we actually sail around them and you get to experience their beauty from a completely different perspective: from the sea. After that we’ll have lunch on board as we continue sailing towards to charming city of Slano.
Getting tipsy in the afternoon is something you are allowed to do while on vacation – and we like to provide this to you this very afternoon. As we approach Slano, we continue to take a quick bus tour towards Ston and the charming Vukas winery, where you get to taste some local liquors and wines. The star of the show here is red wine, but there’s also a light white one to try. If you’re lucky you’ll also see the cat of the owner of the winery – probably the biggest cat in the area. We then continue to Ston where you have free time to either walk a part of the city walls, try some oysters, or simply sit back and have a coffee. The night is spent in Slano. Mljet is one of the most beautiful national parks in Croatia – and that’s where we’re heading the next morning. It’s an island with two lakes, and one of the lakes has another island on it. You can visit this island on an island, or you can simply walk or cycle around the lakes and have a swim. The views are stunning and the air is fresh. A nice contrast to the nature of Mljet is the city of Korčula that we depart towards in the afternoon, where we also have a walking tour of the city. The night is spent right there, and there are lots of lovely restaurants and bars to visit there as well.
The next morning takes us to the island of Brač where we visit the picturesque village of Pučišća. Not very easy to pronounce, but very easy to fall in love with: the contrast of the sea and the greenery with all the limestone is just stunning. There we quickly visit a school of stonemasons: a centuries old tradition in this village. You will be able to hear a lot more about limestone and how it’s worked with to create beautiful shapes and sculptures. This afternoon is a bit different: we head off to the city of Omiš, lying on the river of Cetina. Another one of the optional tours: we take a boat up the river and take in the beautiful scenery while we observe the various birds and the occasional skinny dipper. We reach a restaurant at the end where you get to try bread ‘’under peka’’ – difficult to describe, easy to google and fall in love with the photos! Have a look for yourself – and have a taste once you join us on the tour. For those who opt not to do the river Cetina tour – there’s a big sandy beach right next to where we dock.
The evening sail takes us to Split where we’re spending the night. Split is the second biggest city in Croatia and it is very charming indeed. The evenings there are lovely: you can walk around the Diocletian’s palace and all the little alleys around the old city centre, or you can simply enjoy a cold drink on the ‘’riva’’. In the morning you’ll hear much more about these sights as you head off on a walking tour of the city of Split. You will probably see and hear a ‘’klapa’’ singing: a traditional a capella singing group very typical for this area. In the afternoon we’ll take off to Hvar where another short but sweet walking tour is awaiting. After that there’s plenty of free time – and plenty of things to do in Hvar. Hvar is the name of both the island and the city we dock in. The beaches are lovely, the bars are great and the people are fun.
Krka is yet another beautiful national park of Croatia and another very complicated name to pronounce. This is where the next day takes us – particularly into the charming city of Skradin and the part of the waterfall national park called Skradinski Buk. You can stay there and chill out by the biggest waterfall or you can try and lose some of that weight you’ve gained due to the amazing cooking of our boat chef, and walk around the smaller waterfalls and do a nice circle around the park. In the evening we stay in Šibenik and you have a walking tour and free time there.
On the way if we’re sailing a bit longer we will have some lectures and also some swim stops on the boat, and this morning will most probably be the one that combines both. We will then reach Trogir where you can join a guided walking tour and have a lot of free time after that. This day we like to take it easy as we’ve done so much over the last couple of days.
After this, the last day is there to say goodbye to everyone, exchange contacts and think of all the memories you’ve made along the way.