Brace yourselves – Season 8 is here

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Huge spoiler alert – do not continue reading if you haven't seen the latest episode of Game of Thrones!
After long 2 years of waiting for the end – it is finally here. Late Sunday evening, or for some Monday early morning, the new season of Game of Thrones was finally here. For people all over the world this day was something they've been looking forward to for a very long time, especially here in Dubrovnik, the city that proudly plays King's Landing in the show.
The episode opens with a beautiful shot over Winterfell as Daenerys and Jon are marching towards the castle. There's a little boy jumping around looking at the parade – a big flashback to the very first episode of season 1, specifically Bran and Arya. These two are both very different now – Bran not even being Bran anymore, but the Three eyed raven, and Arya standing on the side, letting the little boy jumping around instead, as she did in the opening of the entire show.
The Northerners seem to show disappointment in Jon and distrust towards Daenerys – but they are only truly shocked after two full grown dragons fly over their heads. Lastly we see Sansa watching the dragons – very unimpressed to say the least.
Reuniting characters begins with Jon and Bran – but as it's not Bran anymore, after a warm hug from his ''brother'' Jon, he cuts straight to the chase – there's no time for any of this small talk, the Wall has fallen and the dead are now marching south. Such thing is mentioned at a meeting in the hall of Winterfell, however the Northern folk focuses on the fact that Jon is no longer the king, even after they proclaimed him King in the North. Even Lyanna Mormont is not on his side anymore. Tyrion tries to fix things by saying the Lannister army is riding north as well – not even knowing that the suspicions of the Northerners will come true – this is completely wrong as Cersei was lying to him. This will probably look like he was lying to them and create further complications for Jon and Dany.
And now that we've mentioned complications for Dany – let's touch on Sansa. She's not too keen on the idea of feeding this great army, or the dragons. She dares ask what dragons eat anyway. Daenerys responds with the same fire, saying they eat whatever they want. But she's not the only one Sansa is cold towards – Tyrion tries to have a casual conversation with her, but she just calls him stupid because he thinks that Cersei will actually help them. They do touch on a lovely memory that they share – the Purple wedding where Joffrey died.
Then we cut to Jon and Arya in the woods both sporting a Ned Stark haircut, comparing their swords. This reunion is very emotional for both of them as well as all of us fans, especially when Jon realizes that Arya still has Needle. However, he doesn't realize yet that she's lying when she says she's only used it once or twice.

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After the scenes in the North, we go to King's Landing – our very own Dubrovnik! Cersei is standing on the walls as Qyburn approaches and gives her the terrible news: the Wall has fallen. She takes this surprisingly well, and then we see that Euron Greyjoy's fleet is approaching the city. Euron is coming with Yara and the head of the Golden Company, who looks quite a lot like Jamie Lannister. Everyone is here except for the elephants we were promised in the previous season. Some other things were promised last season – for example an intimate conversation between Euron and Cersei. He finally convinces her, and she doesn't seem to mind. She actually quite likes him, and is actually smiling, until he mentions he will put a baby prince in her belly. This ties in with the fact that she already is pregnant, or is she? After this, we are still in King's Landing, and Qyburn visits Bronn and gives him an order from Cersei. An order to kill Tyrion and Jaime.
Cutting back to Euron's ship in front of the walls of King's Landing, Theon finally rescues Yara. They sail off, however in different directions, as he expresses the wish to fight with the Starks in Winterfell, and she goes home to the Iron islands in case queen Daenerys needs somewhere to retreat.
We then have a little lecture on loyalty from the three wisemen: Tyrion, Varys and Ser Davos. Varys has his emo teenager moment where he says that nothing lasts, looking at Jon and Daenerys. The two of them are walking around the grounds of Winterfell when Daenerys is told that the dragons don't like the North, and are barely eating. Jon and Dany go to see them, and we see more of a connection between Jon and Rhaegal. He finally sits on him and rides a dragon, although not too sure how to do it at the beginning. All the while Drogon is looking at Jon as if he either knows that he shouldn't be kissing Dany, or as if he thinks that Jon is the one who should be riding him. The scene leads to a casual dragon riding date, where Jon even manages to steer the dragon in a specific direction, and takes Daenerys to a place where he used to hunt as a child.
Arya meets the Hound and Gendry, another two reunions we have been waiting for. Arya's and Hound's is quite quick, but she has a weapon request for Gendry, and even a drawing. While she's doing this, Jon and Sansa are arguing about Daenerys – she's asking him whether he bent the knee if he trusts her or if he loves her. At the same time, she is accompanying Ser Jorah to thank Samwell for saving his life. However, Sam is not aware of the fact that she burned his father and brother, and doesn't take these news very well. He goes to Jon to the crypts to share this with him – but also to tell him that he is in fact Aegon Targaryen, the rightful heir to the Throne. Jon mentions that this means his ''father'' Ned Stark had been lying to him his whole life, and that Dany should be on the throne. Sam then mentions what she did to his family, and Jon's trust might be a bit shaken.
We cut to the North, beneath the Wall, where Berric and Tormund are going through the Umber castle and stumble upon Edd from the Wall, and we have the hilarous ''I've always had blue eyes'' scene. They also find the (un)dead Ned Umber.
At the very end, Jamie Lannister arrives to Winterfell, and lock eyes with Bran, who's been waiting for an old friend.
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